Dean: Prof. Fatma Mokhtar Hassan El-Sharkawy, Ph.D.

During the past two decades many new hospitals & health center were build, as well as the private sectors entered in the investments of health services. The advances in Health services in quantity & quality and the great advances in medical technology in diagnosis, treatment and follow up did not accompany an equal advance in the professional manpower that assist the medical field in providing higher quality of health care

The advances in the quality of health services are of great need not only for the population health but also to pioneer Egypt to be a regional health center to attract  the Arab and Islamic people seeking medical treatment and in turn increase the capital  income. .

A first complete school of applied medical sciences was established at Misr University for Sciences and Technology to be in conformity with the scientific and technologic advances of the applied medical sciences and investing the applied and developing nature of the university.

رؤية الكلية 

تتطلع كلية العلوم الطبية التطبيقية إلي تبوء موقع رائد فى مجال المهن الطبيه المساعدة ذات التخصصات الدقيقه فى الرعايه الصحيه على المستوى المحلى والاقليمى

Faculty Vision 

The College of applied medical sciences embraces the University's vision to be pioneer via unique curriculum focusing on student's learning process to prepare graduates that reflect current trends and promote professional growth in order to meet the world class standards for accreditation.

رسالة الكلية

السعي إلى الريادة والتفوق بتخريج كوادر مهنية متخصصة يتمتعون بثقة النفس والقدرة على التعلم الذاتي وتنمية المهارات الإكلينيكية ومهارات التفكير التحليلي من خلال برامج تعليمية متقدمة تعكس الاتجاهات الحديثة فى العلوم الصحية المساعدة وتساهم فى التطور المستمر لهذه العلوم ، وذلك من خلال وضع الطالب في بؤرة الاهتمام حيث يكون فيها الطالب مشارك مؤثر وفعال في العملية التعليمية بهدف إعداد خريجين ذي جودة في تقديم الرعاية الصحية.

Faculty Mission

College of Applied Medical Sciences seeks to excellence through educational programs that reflect recent trends in allied health sciences, and contribute to the continuing development of the allied health profession by placing the student at the center of attention, where the student could be influential and effective participant in the educational process, able to self learning, having self esteem, thinking critically, competent in providing high quality health care, and contribute with their knowledge and scientific research in the service activities of the environment and the community


Faculty Philosophy
The faculty believes that a liberal education is essential for the development of professional health practice in a diverse community.  The quality of this practice is enhanced by, and dependent on, knowledge acquired from the liberal arts and sciences.  The process, as well as the content of the liberal education, is fundamental to the development of critical thinking, decision-making and communication skills, as well as facilitating the individual student’s development of an appreciation of the global society.  The faculty believes that learning is a unique, life long process, moving from the simple to the more complex, and encompassing the domains of personal, empirical, aesthetic and ethical knowledge.  The health science requires the acquisition of knowledge in each of these domains that the learner integrates and utilizes in her/his growth as a professional health care clinician.
Graduates of the college of applied medical science are prepared first as generalists who are able to incorporate professional standards and research in their practice, collaborate as members of an interdisciplinary health care team, apply the concepts of diversity and community service in their practice, and utilize leadership skills to influence change in the health care delivery system.

Unique features
In addition to the laboratory training in the university; hospital training will be provided in the University hospital which is prepared with the most advanced updating technologic apparatus and equipments.  The University provides the students with the most recent technologic sciences in order to prepare them to the highest skillful level.