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Equal Opportunities & Gender Equality Unit

About Unit

One of the goals of national sustainable development strategy, Egypt vision 2030 is equal opportunities, gender equality and non-discrimination between men and women in all economic, social, and political fields. Furthermore, the 5th goal of the of sustainable development goals, adopted by the United Nations, is concerned with gender equality. So the Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality Unit was established at Misr University for Science and Technology to solidify the role of the university in spreading awareness amongst the youth about the importance of equal opportunity and to solidify the co-equality and non-discrimination values between the different segments of the society. 

Strategic goals


Ensuring equal opportunities and equality among all segments of the university community. 



The unit seeks to achieve one of the sustainable development goals, which is gender equality and equal opportunities in all activities of different fields accomplished by the continuous awareness of the importance of the role of women in society and developing their abilities and self-realization in addition to integrating the special needs into the university community by studying, working, and performing activities at the university.    


  • Raising awareness to the role of the Egyptian government in developing the essential role of Egyptian women in accordance with the national sustainable development strategy, Egypt vision 2030. 
  • Promoting the 5th goal of the sustainable development goals, adopted by the United Nations, that confirms for gender equality. 
  • Activating of the idea of gender equality into reality. 
  • Raising awareness of Women’s rights and the protection of Women against violence as guaranteed by the Egyptian Constitution. 
  • Raising awareness of protecting women against violence and harassment and the means of protection, in accordance with the United Nations declaration. 
  • Setting directions towards increasing the awareness of Sexual education and addressing the issue of early childhood marriage and female genital mutilation. 
  • Raising awareness about the roles of the future mothers and successful working women. 
  • Providing examples for the efforts of the Egyptian government in enhancing the role of women by nominating women in leadership roles. 
  • Conducting awareness campaigns through the unit outside the scope of the university and involving students in those campaigns. 
  • Confirming the maximum use of the university facilities, taking into consideration the facilities for the special needs. 
  • Promoting entrepreneurship for the university community by developing the skills of entrepreneurship. 
  • Receiving and discussing complaints regarding violations towards equal opportunity and gender equality with full confidentiality and working to find solutions with all parties in the university. 

The Hierarchy of the Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality Unit

  • Prof. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb, President of the University                    (Head of the Unit) 
  • Prof. Hala Al-Menoufy, Dean of the Faculty of Oralan ental Surgery, (Rapporteur of the Committee) 
  • Prof. Nehad Al-Mahboub,  Dean of Faculty of Medicine   (Member) 
  • Prof. Hala Eissa,  Dean of the Faculty of  Biotechnology (Member) 
  • Prof. Ghada Mohamed Amer, Dean of Faculty of Engineering  (Member) 
  • Dr. Mervat Mohamed Jamal, Lecturer in the Departmento Higher Psychology,  University Requirement Unit (Psychological  Counseling) (Member)                                           
  • Dr. Sarah Abdullah Ahmed, Director of Academic Operations Department                                      (Member & External Coordinator) 
  • Omnia Jamal, graduate of the Faculty  Languages and Translation, Misr         
  • University for Science & Technology      (Member) 

Executive roles of the Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Unit

  1. Determining the general policy of the unit in accordance with the vision of the Egyptian government 2030. 
  2. Developing an annual executive work plan for the unit. 
  3. Encouraging and conducting external agreements that supports the unit’s mission. 
  4. Participating in most of the activities of the Egyptian government concerning gender equality and equal opportunities. 
  5. Following-up the policy of non-discrimination against women and special needs in the university. 
  6. Preparing and presenting the annual report for the unit activities.