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Good Health And Well-Being (SDG-3)


Good Health And Well-Being

MISR University for science and Technology is totally dedicated to good health and wellbeing. This is truly mirrored on different sides. On the research side, the university faculty members produce significant number of research on health issues. In addition, MUST has formed collaborations with local and global health institutions. For example, the university collaborates with ministry of Health hospitals and many educational hospitals. The university also adopts a number of policies and services to the health of its students and staff , such as a smoke-free policy, the psychological & mental health support units. Also , the arrangement of many campus workshops and seminars to raise awareness of important health issues, such as diabetes, breast cancer, drug abuse, etc. The university broadens its facilities to the local community to improve health and well-being through different strategies, including arranging blood donation campaigns, paying visits to schools, holding mental health awareness sessions by the multiple students organizations. The university makes its sports facilities, including fields, basketball and volleyball courts and Gym, available to the local community in scheduled programs. 

SDG-3 Metrics & Indicators

3.1 Research on health and well-being

The university faculty members produce significant number of researches on health issues, serving goal 3.

3.2 Number Graduating in Health Professions

Measuring the proportion of graduates who receive a degree associated with a health-related profession out of the institution’s total number of graduates : It was found that nearly half the graduates are from health-related professions serving healthy lives and promote well-being for all.
MUST health related profession during 2019-2020 include :
1. College of Medicine = 336
2. College of pharmaceutical sciences and drug manufacturing = 401
3. College of oral and Dental surgery= 419
4. College of Biotechnology = 188
5. College of Physical therapy = 378
6. College of Nursing= 195
7. College of applied health science Technology (not applicable)
Total = 1917 / 3884 = Ratio = 49,35 % .

Total Number of Health Graduates 2019-2020