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Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG-11)

sustainable cities and communities

Misr University for Science and Technology exhibits high commitment to the global blueprints designed to deliver progress, peace and prosperity for people and the planet, including preserving and sustaining the heritage of communities. As an important stakeholder, MUST contributes towards the achievement of sustainable cities and communities through various events, practices and research. It regularly organizes events and exhibitions for students and employees to promote the culture and appreciation of Egyptian heritage.

SDG-11 Reports

11.4 - Sustainable practices

11.4.1,2 Promote sustainable commuting

11.4.3 Allow remote working

11.4.4 Affordable housing for employees and Students

11.4.5 Pedestrian priority on campus

11.4.6 Local authority collaboration regarding planning and development

11.4.7 Planning development – new build standards