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Prof. Mohie aldeen khalifa

Head of Respiratory Care technology department


Prof. Mohie aldeen khalifa  is a Professor of Respirology, Senior Consultant Respiratory Intensivist at the General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institute, and Misr university for Sciences and Technology  (Cairo , Egypt).

Award as a top ten of secondary school level in EGYPT 1981.

He received his medical degree , completed his residency of respiratory medicine  and critical care medicine and earned his Doctorate, in respiratory critical care  from Alazhar University in 2001. His dissertation research focused on management and mechanically ventilation of acute respiratory failure and asthmatic patient at ICU.obtained his MD in chest diseases from Alazhar University ,Cairo Egypt in Abril  2001. and a professional Diploma, Infection Control and Hospital Hygiene, 2006. University Claud Bernard Lyon, France. and internal medicine diploma ,collage of medicine ,Cairo university ,Cairo ,Egypt

Prof. khalifa has over 30 years of experience for respiratory intensive care and about 13 years  for application ,teaching and learning respiratory therapy competencies at different universities.

Prof. khalifa is currently the Head of the chest Department at GOTHIS. He was previously Head of the Respiratory Therapy Department and respiratory therapy’s program manager ,collage of applied medical sciences, and prof of medicine at the internal medicine department ,collage of medicine , university of  Bisha, Bisha ,Saudi Arabia 2018/2020.

Prof. khalifa used to working as head of the Respiratory Therapy Department and respiratory therapy’s  program manager  in added to head of audiology and speech language pathology, department , collage of medical rehabilitation sciences, Taibah University., Almadinah Almunawwarah, Saudi Arabia.

Prof. khalifa used to working as assistant prof  and clinical director for the respiratory therapy Department, collage of applied medical sciences, University of Dammam, Dammam Saudi Arabia.2008-2012.

Prof. khalifa taught many respiratory courses throughout his career,  including the under and post graduate level.

Prof. khalifa was a member of scientific committee for evaluation and accreditation of respiratory therapy program in Saudi Arabia.

Member of the promotion scientific committees for professors at KING ABDULAZIZ UNIVERSITY, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Member of the Scientific Committee for the Review and Evaluation of Educational Programs (Faculty of Medicine – Nursing – Respiratory Therapy – Medical Laboratories) at the University of Bisha – Bisha – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He has more than 30 research, his current research publications focuses at various journals/conferences in the areas of: respiratory ICU, Respiratory diseases ,respiratory physiology. and He is also reviewer for several international journals.

Prof. khalifa has participated in many funded research projects while he was in the Saudi Arabia 

Prof. khalifa is a membership of many national/international  scientific & professional societies & organizations

For a more detailed resume of Prof. khalifa, please contact him at:

Faculty of Applied Health science technology, Misr University for Science and Technology
P.O.Box77,Almotamayes District, 6th of October, Egypt
mobile : +(002) 01022049332.
email: mohiealdeen.pn10171@must.edu.eg , mohiedr@gmail.com


• .D, Chest, 2001, Al-Azhar University for girls.
• M.Sc. Chest, 1994, Al-Azhar University.
• M.B.B.Ch., 1988 Al-Azhar University.
• Diploma, General Medicine 1996, Cairo University.
• Diploma, Infection Control and hospital hygiene, 2006. University Claud Bernard Lyon, France.


MD, Master or Fellowship Research Title: (Academic Honors or Distinctions)

1. Incidence of nosocomial infection at ICU, malaria teaching hospital (diploma degree of infection control and hospital hygiene that discussed in 1996 University Claud Bernard Lyon, France.
2. Short Course Chemotherapy (6 months) for Pulmonary Tuberculosis to fulfil requirement for MSc degree that discussed in 1994.
3. Management of Acute Respiratory Failure in Intensive Care Unit. With Special Reference to Bronchial Asthma. To fulfil requirement for MD degree that discussed in 1998.
Published refereed scientific researches: (In chronological order beginning).

4. Mohie Aldeen Abd Alzaher Khalifa (2016): Concordance between hypoxic challenge testing and predictive equations for hypoxic flight assessment in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients. The Egyptian Journal of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis 65, (4):745–755.
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Stretching Pectoralis Majors on Pulmonary Function Test on A symptomatic Female’ Students. Journal of International Academic Research for Multidisciplinary 2, (11):2320-5083.
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Scientific researchers presented to referred specialized scientific conferences:

1. Nagwa Mohamed Hamed Bader, Hala Mohamed Ezz Eldeen Mohamed AbdullHameed Sallam and Mohie Aldeen Abd Alzaher (2011): Comparative study of peak oxygen consumption and walk test as a measure of exercise capacity for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients. (poster presentation). Saudi physical therapy conference. 18-20 May 2010 the University of Dammam, Dammam city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. program and abstracts.
2. Moustafa. R., Rafeh. A.S, Gom. A.W., and Abd Alzaher M., (2006): Effect of Pulmonary rehabilitation on pulmonary function and function capacity in rheumatoid arthritis patients. 9Th International scientific conference of physical therapy. Oct 2006, Cairo, Egypt.