Dr. Somaia AbdelMonem Negm

Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs


[Vice Dean for education and student affairs]

[Misr University for Science and Technology- Faculty of Applied Health since technology]

[ June 2021]– [ current]

[Planned course schedules assigned teachers and organized teaching assignments.

Helped faculty and staff teach and support students at all levels.

The kept institution at forefront of the educational field with continuous improvements to faculty, courses and facilities].


[Faculty of Applied Health since technology- Medical Laboratory department]

[ March 2011]– [ current]

  • Biochemistry course.

  • Histology Course.

  • Molecular biology course.

  • Tissue Culture course

    Collage Quality Assurance Unit- [vice manager]

    [ Jan 2012]– [ Jan 2017]


Innovative [Assistant Professor] always pursuing ways to improve instruction and academic offerings. manages accreditation and regulatory compliance with diligent attention to every program detail. achieves academic and administrative targets with skilled oversight of faculty and staff.


Helwan university

[March 2011]

Ph.D. in (Histology, Histochemistry, and Cytology) Faculty of Science.

Title of the thesis: Evaluation of the endometrial changes as a result of tamoxifen treatment in breast cancer patients

Helwan university

[ June 2004]

Master of Science (M.Sc.), (Histology Histochemistry and Genetics), Faculty of Science.

Title of the thesis: Prophylactic effect of tamoxifen against induction of mammary carcinoma.

Ain shams university

[ June 1992]

1992 Bachelor of Science, Biology, and chemistry Dep., Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University.


  • Cerebellar histopathological and histochemical alterations induced by electromagnetic field exposure of mice. Journal of Bioscience and Applied Research 2017, Vol.3, No.1:45-60 pISSN: 2356-9174, eISSN: 2356-9182

  • Prophylactic effect of tamoxifen against induction of mammary carcinoma: The Egyptian Journal of Hospital medicine vol.,14:104-114(2004).

  • Effect of human urine against experimental mammary carcinoma: NCI – UICC – AMAAC join conference 21-25 March 2005.

  • SEMCO-ASCO Conference and advanced cancer course. March 26-28 2008.  Evaluation of the changes resulting from tamoxifen administration. A combined DNA   flowcytometric and histopathological study. Ayman M.Metwally, Abdel-Monem A.Osma, Mohamed M, EL-Said, Mervat El-Deftar ,Mohamed A, Shahin, Mohmed S Gabri, YasserNeel, Somaia A. Negm. ,(oral presentation)                                            

  • The second international conference for applications on biotechnology 17-18 October 2009 MSA Egypt. Studying the Role of Cyclins A and E in Endometrial Carcinogenesis as a result of Tamoxifen Administration in Breast Cancer Patients.

  • Ayman Metwally, Somaia Negm, Lobna Refaat, Morad Abousabe. Long term ex -vivo expansion of Mononuclear Cells (MNC’s) separated from Umbilical Cord Blood. (Under publication).

Biological markers in the detection and follow up of   bilharzial related bladder cancer. (Submitted)