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Hussein Hassan Sabit

Professor of Cancer Epigenetics

The main interest is focused on the study of cancer-controlling agents and the molecular mechanism to combat the disease.


Hussein Sabit (Cairo, Egypt, 1974) has been graduated from Ain Shams University, Cairo and received his BSc in Genetics (1997), where he also get his MSc (2002) in Microbial Genetics and PhD in Molecular Genetics (2007). He joined Misr University for Science and Technology, Egypt as TA (2003), Assistant Professor (2007). Has been promoted to Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics (2012), and for Full Professors in Cancer Epigenetics (2018).

His research interest is Cancer Genetic/Epigenetic basis of carcinogenesis, genome editing via CRISPR/Cas9, studying the anti-apoptotic genes and its relations with BC progression, investigating the DNA methylation levels controlling carcinogenesis of BC, studying the chromatin remodelling as a main mechanisms leading to cancer using ChIP assays and others. He published 28 articles; most of them is the main field of Cancer Genetics/Epigenetics.

He is the director of Cancer Epigenetics Research Unit (CERU) at MUST (2015-2018), where he leads a research team of postgrad students.

He is currently joined the Institute for Research and Medical Consultations (IRMC), Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, KSA as a professor of Cancer Epigenetics.

He has a strong background in under- and postgrad education (18 years).

He attended more than 25 international conferences on Epigenetics in many countries including France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Canada, SA, Turkey, in addition to workshops held on the same discipline of science during the last 12 years.

He mentored and supervised 23 candidates (17 MSc and 5 PhD) in various fields in Genetics (2011-2018).

He participated in more than 40 seminars and symposia where he was the keynote speaker.

He attended more than 50 WS and symposia in different fields of Genetics/Epigenetics (2008- 2018).

He participated in establishing the undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the college of Biotechnology, MUST, where her became in the year 2014 the Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs, member of the IRB (2013-2018), postgrad committee (2012-2018), and foreign affairs (2017-2018)

He is a member of more than 15 international societies including EMS (Canada), Arab Biotechnology Society (Jordan), Arab Stem Cell Society (Egypt), and PEAMS (South Africa).

He is on the editorial committee in several journals in the field of cancer genetics/epigenetics worldwide.

He served as a reviewer in more than 100 articles all in the field of Cancer Genetics/Epigenetics

He became (2017) a consultant of research in Bahia Cancer Centre (the biggest Charity Cancer treatments in the Middle East).

He received Dr. Makram Muhanna for creativity in Scientific Research: Life Science Call (2017). He participated in several BC awareness campaigns in Egypt (2010-2018)

He published/edited/translated several books in Arabic and English; of these books: Breast Cancer from diagnosis to treatment (2016), Scientific Research (2016), Human Evolution (2018), CRISPRizing Humans (2018), Biological Mind (2018), Genome Editing using CRISPR/Cas9 (2018), and others.

He introduced more than 1200 TV episodes in various areas of Science (2006-2016).


  • PhD in Molecular Genetics, Ain Sham University, 2007
  • MSc in Genetics, Ain Sham University, 2002
  • BSc in Genetics, Ain Sham University, 1997



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