Hanan Soliman M. S. Gewefel, PhD

Acting Dean, Faculty of Applied Health Science


Associate Professor, Diagnostic Radiology, Misr University for science and technology.

Consultant Breast Imaging. Holding European Board Breast Imaging – EBBI.

Honorary Adjunct Associate Professor, at Health & Life Science Collage, at Exeter University, UK.

Furthermore, Dr. H. Gewefel serves as educator & leader and an expert consultant for diagnostic radiology, radiation protection, and breast imaging at the International Atomic Energy Agency since 2014, and she continues in this role till the present.

Dr. Gewefel aims to provide a new vision for women’s healthcare and leads community initiatives to spread awareness over breast cancer screening among Egyptian women. A consultant in the field of women’s health herself, she earned a diploma from the European Society of Breast Imaging Vienna, Austria. She holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) from School of Medicine, Cairo University. In addition to Master degree (MSC) in Diagnostic Radiology and (MD) Medical Doctorate degrees.

Dr. Gewefel has joined MUST since 2011, as a staff member in the Radiology & Medical Imaging Technology. She is the founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Women and Fetal Imaging Clinic (WAFI). WAFI aims to provide a new vision for women’s healthcare and leads community initiatives to spread awareness over breast cancer among Egyptian women. It promotes early detection methodologies and provides high-quality screening and early detection for breast diseases, and free screening and mammograms for women in need.

Dr. H Gewefel is a member of the following societies:

Radiologic Society of North America (RSNA), European School of Oncology (ESO), American Association for Women Radiologists (AAWR), Former Member of the National Council of Women, Board members of Businesswomen of Egypt 21, Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt Founder member, Egyptian Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Member, European Congress Radiology Member, European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) Member, Arab International Women’s Forum (AIWF) Member, and Society of Breast Imaging, member (SBI), Rotary Club of Cairo Royal Member, since 2008, Member in Egyptian National Council of Women – Giza Branch.

November 2020 – till present: Dean of College of Applied Health Science Technology.


2013                                       Diploma, European Society of Breast Imaging Vienna, Austria

                                                Major: Breast Imaging

2008                                      Diploma, The American University in Cairo, Egypt

                                                Major: Health Care and Hospital Management

2008                                      Medical Doctorate, Al Azhar University  Cairo, Egypt.


Major: Radio diagnosis

1990                                      Master of Science, Cairo University Cairo, Egypt

                                               Major: Radio diagnosis


1989                                      Residency, El Sahel Hospital Cairo, Egypt

                                               Major: Radiology Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery, Cairo University

1983                                      School of Medicine. Major: Medicine Cairo, Egypt


Assistant . Prof. Dr. Hanan Gewefel


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– Yousef Fahim


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Predictors of local recurrence during Mammographic screening of women following breast conservative surgery: A retrospective study


    -Hanan Gewfel

Department of Biomedical Engineering and Systems, Cairo University, Giza 12613, Egypt


-Louay Kassem

Oncology Department, Cairo University


-Iman Ewais

Women and Fetal Imaging Center, Cairo 11555, Egypt

-Kyrilus Shohdy



Scientific poster presentation – European Congress of Radiology 2020



Skin Nodules as a First Presentation of Synchronous Bilateral Invasive Lobular Breast Carcinoma: A Case Report

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