Third Batch of Dental Implant Fellowship

In the presence of Prof. Hala Al-Menoufy, Dean of the College of oral and dental Surgery, Director of the Italian Fellowship Program, Dr. Jihad Habili, General Coordinator of the Italian University of Genova in the Middle East and North Africa, and Dr. Claudio Modena, lecturer at the Italian University of Genova, and the rest of the fellowship staff, the third batch of the Dental Implant Fellowship has been launched.

The fellowship is presented by the Italian University of Genova in cooperation with the Misr University for Science and Technology and is concerned with graduating batches collecting all aspects of dental implants theoretically and practically, where each trainee makes 10 implants as a minimum.

The activities of module 1 last for 3 days at the university, after which the practical part and theoretical reviews are completed until the date of module 2.