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College of Business Administration , Economics and Information System

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About College

The College of Business Administration, Economics and Information Systems, Misr University of Science and Technology was established in 1996 according to presidential decree 245 of the year 1996 and universities organizing laws 101 for the year 1992. The college aims at enhancing students and graduates by providing specialized references and textbooks and supporting them in forums and conferences locally, regionally, and internationally.


Business Administration

Political Science

Information Systems



Hospital Management

Finance and Investment

Message from the Dean
Sceientific Degrees Offered

Message from the Dean

At the outset, it could be argued that the availability of all types of progress/development’s requirements (natural & human resources, capital, technology…etc) and conditions do not secure by necessity the accomplishment or realization of the targeted progress of any nation in the absence of management and knowledge.

The college of Business, Economics & Information systems through its academic programs, applications and internship facilities and so forth) is the only organization that is specialized in creating and developing managerial and leadership skills and talented graduates that are responsible for the implementation of the integrated progress and development paradigm in any country.  

College Mission

As part of the mission of Misr University for Science and Technology, the College of Business, Economics, and Information Systems aims at preparing a high-quality graduate who qualifies him to serve the community and gain his trust by providing Distinct programs, activities, and services in education, scientific research and community development.


College Vision

The college seeks to become a unique academic institution especially, in educational, research, and community field at the local and regional level in the administrative, economic, accounting and other related fields to meet the current and future challenges in the continuous development of its performance.

Sceientific Degrees Offered

The college offers a bachelor degree in each of the following specializations
1) Business Administration 2) Accounting 3) Economics 4) Information Systems 5) Political Science 6) Finance and Investment 7) Hospital Management

N.B: The college delivers its S.programs in two different languages: English and Arabic, except information systems which are only taught in English. The student must complete (165-168) Credit Hours according to specialization.

Current and future projects under implementation at the college:

  1. Transforming Must Campus into Green.
  2. I0ntegrated Business Incubator.
  3.  The African center for sustainable studies& research.
  4.  Executive H.Dip.Of Hospital Management and H.Care.
  5.  T.program &workshops in H.care &H.awareness.
  6.  Total quality inventory in Must: Measurement &assessment.