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MUST Central Library

MUST Central Library

About the library

Central Library of Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) was established by Presidential Decree No. 245 of 1996 in accordance with Law 101/1992 of the establishment of private universities, as the university is a member in the Union of Arab Universities and the Association of African Universities. 

The library opens its doors from 9 am till 5 pm, except Thursday it is open from 9 am till 3 pm to provide maximum time for students and researchers. It includes bibliographic information services, internal and external circulation, reference services, and electronic document delivery, either through its general collection of books and references, digital library, Must digital archive and research repository MDAR, or through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank EKB.  

The library contains specialized references in the fields of medical, biological, engineering, media, languages and literature, archeology, information technology, and other scientific majors taught at the university faculties in order to serve all scientific, cultural and creative fields, because it is our goal that we seek to achieve. 

Moreover, the library provides good training opportunities for students specializing in library science and information technology to ensure continuous development through joint efforts between academics and librarians.

Word from The Director

We librarians, the custodians of knowledge, preservers of civilization, documenters of knowledge; most likely you will encounter us, and you may not even recognize our names, but you will never miss our presence and impact which speaks loudly with every paper, page and book cover. You will find us in biographies, meet us in people’s autobiographies and our spirit will remain fluttering between the bookshelves. We will definitely go and others will replace, but the effect remains!! 

Nada Labib 

University Libraries Director 

Board of Trustees Chairman Advisor University Libraries Affairs


The library seeks to become a leading library serving the 6th of October community, as it is recognized for its cultural role in all fields. In addition, the library is considered a link between the student and the professor through providing different learning tools, and coordinating with the university colleges to select the books needed to be purchased throughout the year or through Cairo International Book Fair. 


The library supports the enrichment of the scientific research process within the university community, and the use of all international, and Arab standards in both technical operations and offered services, and works to provide sources of information and modern academic community with different scientific interests.


The library aims to achieve the following objectives:

– Meeting the needs of patrons from inside and outside the university.

– Functioning as a center of informatics knowledge for college staff members, personnel, and students of different interests in a variety of topics, research, and study purposes.

– Consolidating relations with other academic libraries and specialized information centers in the world.

The Library Services

The central library provides vital support for students, researchers, and staff to complement academic processes wherein it facilitates access to the world of information, whether digital or in print, besides providing training and support to exploit it to the fullest.

The Library Services:

– Digital Library

– Outdoor Library

– Circulation

– Copy and Print Services

– Current Awareness Services

– Document Delivery Service

– Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB)

– MUST Digital Archive and Research Repository (MDAR)

– Orientation Tours

– Reference Services

– Selective Dissemination of Information

– Onsite Training and Workshops

* For more news and services: http://library.must.edu.eg/

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