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Graduate Program

Oral and Dental Surgery

About College

Dentistry has always been an important and crucial specialization and discipline revered by mankind for long ages. Undoubtedly what this school of dental medicine is witnessing in recent periods from development, improvement in material and equipment as well as methods of treatment and diagnosis, has been a result of new educational techniques and advanced scientific research methods.

The Council of the College of Oral and Dental Surgery, grants:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Oral and Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Master’s Degree in Oral Medicine- Periodontology- Diagnoses.
  • Professional Diploma (fellowship) in laser applications, Implantology and Digital Dentistry from University of Genoa, Italy. And master’s degree from Genova  through the center of laser application in dentistry.
  • The college is about to start registration for a bachelor’s degree in Oral and Dental Surgery (French sector) in collaboration with Saint Josef University in Beirut -Lebanon.
  • Master’s Degree in Endodontics
  • Master’s Degree in Prosthodontics
  • Master’s Degree in Conservative Dentistry
  • Master’s Degree in Oral Pathology
  • Master’s Degree in Oral Biology
  • Master’s Degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Master’s Degree in Dental implantology.

From this standpoint, Misr University for Science and Technology ensured from the very start that the College of Dentistry would be the first established by a private University in Egypt, to offer special education and health services to the citizens of this nation and render services to a large number of the residents of the 6th of October city through its unique geographic location .
The university’s efforts did not stop here.
Misr University for Science and Technology ensured that our school of Dentistry would follow and apply all what is new in the discipline. It provides the students with academic excellence in the field of educational techniques, teaching, and training, allowing them to choose their syllabi and courses, to interact with their Professors, and to open up to the latest findings in scientific advancements. This goal is achieved by providing primary and secondary sources, periodicals, and e-learning, with full cooperation with European and US Universities.
With the same token, the University has established a state of the art laboratories, teaching auditoriums, training labs, and the central library in accordance with the latest technologies and equipped with the best educational media. The University has also established specialized clinics to train students and treat patients as a form of community service using the most advanced sterilization equipment and diagnostic means as well as the most advanced medical instruments in order to ensure graduating a generation of Dentists to be a pride to the profession of dentistry and our nation.


College Mission

College of oral and Dental Surgery, is a leading college in private education in Egypt at the local and regional level. It aims at developing students’ skills according to the academic standards and graduates dentists who meet the job market needs. The college also encourages creativity in scientific research and supports community service.


College Vision

The college achieves an excellent level for its graduates at the local, regional and international level. The colleges seeks high level of education through contributing in researches, science technologies, science of dentistry, and community service.


  1. Graduating dentists who are skillful, capable of self-learning, can keep up with contemporary and future scientific developments, and be able to meet the needs of the community locally and regionally.
  2. Developing cooperation with the Egyptian and foreign universities, encouraging scientific exchange, and paving the road towards studying and working abroad.
  3. Making the college a center for training and continuing education for its graduates and graduates of other dental colleges.
  4. Providing special care to scientific research and technological progress linked to community service.

Degrees Offered

The faculty of Oral & dental surgery Misr University for Science and Technology offers the following Degrees:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Oral and Dental Surgery (BDS)
  2. Master’s Degree in Oral Medicine, Periodontology and Diagnoses
  3. Master’s Degree in Endodontics
  4. Master’s Degree in Prosthodontics
  5. Master’s Degree in Conservative Dentistry
  6. Master’s Degree in Oral Pathology
  7. Master’s Degree in Oral Biology
  8. Master’s Degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  9. Master’s Degree in Dental implantology.

Procedures to enroll for postgraduate studies

Each department specifies the number of applicants enrolled & the obtained degree according to the following:

  • Certificate of the Bachelor degree or its equivalent
  • Final accumulated grades of the years of study
  • Total score of the major course
  • The oldest student applying

Enrollment & studying dates

Each student should apply within one month prior to the beginning of the study during Fall & Spring semesters. The academic year is divided as follows:

  1. The first semester starts in September for 15 weeks
  2. The second semester starts in February for 15 weeks
  3. The summer semester starts in July for eight weeks

System of study

The university follows the credit hours system. The holder of a bachelor’s degree in special education from Egyptian universities or an equivalent has the right to apply for a master’s degree in one of the specified majors.

  1. Once credit hour in one course is equivalent to 15 hours of study
  2. Internal regulations of each faculty specify the required credit hours
  3. It takes a one-hour exam for each credit hour
  4. Exam results are divided into Oral, Written, & Practical

Documents submission required

  1. A file folder
  2. Bachelors certificate with overall GPA & grades obtained during years of study
  3. Birth certificate or official copy of it
  4. Six personal photos
  5. Approval of the specified department
  6. Submitting all required documents to the postgraduate administration
  7. Payment of tuition fees in the due time specified by the postgraduate administration
  8. Foreign students should submit a letter from  their Embassy including an approval for enrollment in postgraduate studies & clarifying financial status
  9. Foreigners should submit a health certificate from Ministry of health

The faculty is committed to providing studies on Ancient Egyptian archaeology, restoration, and conservation of antiquities, tourism guidance, and archaeology of the Arab Peninsula. We aspire to collaborate with the Arab-Egyptian community for the advancement of such studies. The faculty awards bachelor degrees for graduates of all its departments.