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Environmental and Community Service Sector

Speech by the Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development

Misr University of Science and Technology is one of the largest private universities in Egypt has taken great care to serve the community and environmental development since the introduction of the position of Vice President of the University for community service and environmental development affairs and the sector is considered an integral part of the university’s mission of education and scientific research and aims to interact with the surrounding community and develop the experiences of faculty members and the university’s possibilities to monitor and study many problems of society and contribute to solving development issues and provide community services to the neediest groups in order to achieve Vision of sustainable development 2030, calling on God to join efforts with success and success, may God help us for the good of our beloved Egypt

Strategic objectives

Sector Mission

The sector uses many effective mechanisms in providing services to the community inside and outside the university represented in applied research, seminars, medical and awareness caravans, active participation in all community events and the preparation of qualified graduates for the labor market in light of the university’s sector plan.


Sector Vision

The sector looks forward to achieve leadership in meeting the needs of the community and solving its social and economic problems in line with local, regional and international developments in light of the state’s strategy 2030


Sector Strategic objectives

  1. Maximizing the university’s role in community participation
  2. Maximizing the university’s role in the development of the environment
  3. creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship