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Children's University

About Children's University

There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in

In Egypt, the science curricula limit the science education to acquiring a group of facts and ideas, without giving the students the chance to develop essential and required experimenting, researching and communication skills in science. In the current era, Egypt is in desperate need to enhance the science education programs and to improve the quality of school students which represent the future researchers and scientists of Egypt.

Children’s University is an educational project which is increasingly wide spreading all over the world. Children’s University introduces school children to scientific and critical thinking, creativity, questioning, and problem-solving. Children’s Universities have been developed to engage with children in the context of higher education in order to enable such children to meet professors and scientists as role models and to share their everyday curiosity with professional scientists and researchers.

Children’s University National program is expected to start operating through more than 27 Governmental and Private Egyptian Universities. It’s a program which introduces students from the ages of 9 years to 15 years to exciting learning activities. Activities start outside the normal school day within neighborhood university premises, then extends under the same umbrella in schools; before school, during lunchtime, after school, during weekends or holidays, etc.

All activities are validated/checked by local Children’s University professors and scientists to ensure the quality of learning provided and by curricula expert designers to ensure its alignment with the school curricula. Although open to all, the Children’s University aims particularly to reach less fortunate children facing educational and socioeconomic difficulty especially children of upper Egypt and rural areas.



Children’s University’s mission is to prepare Egyptian children for the future as change agents capable of facing different challenges and shaping the world through their developing creativity and innovative ability.



Today’s children are tomorrow’s tools for building modern Egypt and boosting the Egyptian community.


Children's University Goal

Children’s University main goal is to build the minds of Egyptian Children through enhancing their interest in science with a special focus on the importance of scientific research and the development of science skills. Children’s University is meant:

• To prepare children for future challenges
• To nourish children’s life-long passion for learning
• To enhance children’s self-esteem and confidence
• To help children identify, focus on and achieve their future goals.
• To provide a creative, innovative and out of the box educational environment
• To ensure that every child, irrespective of his social background, have access to high-quality learning activities.

• To support STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and maths) based education in Egypt.
• To strengthen the bond between the children and their neighborhood Universities.
• To raise awareness of the benefits and opportunities that higher education can bring, especially for students representing the less fortunate sections of the society.
• To encourage University Professors to voluntary participation in community serving activities.
• To raise aspirations of parents especially those of children from less socioeconomic sections.
• To promote and develop teaching skills and information delivery methods among school teachers.

Children's University Beneficiaries

Children from ages 9 to 15 years; Children’s will benefit from the program through;

a. Gaining an insight into University life by introducing them to students, staff and graduates who will explain what University life entails, show children that it is a welcoming, accessible and exciting environment and importantly give children aspirations for their own future. This will be achieved through the Children’s University program in addition to using profiles of key individuals, video clips and photographs and stimulating facts about different Egyptian Universities and their many achievements.

b. Being able to both demonstrate their understanding and mastery of essential knowledge and skills, and also through being actively involved in solving problems and producing quality work

Children’s University certificates

Certificates will be presented to recognize children participation in Children’s University activities.

These certificates are awarded on the basis of hours of attendance so that they can be gained by all children irrespective of ability. Importantly, the certification follows the same pattern across all Children Universities.

Award structure

Children are encouraged to progress through the Children’s University certification scheme, based on their number of hours of attendance throughout their involvement with the Children’s University. Bronze, silver and gold certificates are awarded for students of each level.
Honorary certificates can also be awarded for outstanding achievement and commitment.

video of the end of the ceremony

honoring the participants at the Children’s university