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Quality Assurance and Accreditation Sector


The commitment to quality standards in the educational and administrative systems of universities in this era has become a real indicator of the extent of the success of those systems and their achievement of their desired goals after those standards became agreed upon locally and globally.

Quality has become a prerequisite for achieving the vision and mission of any institution that is keen on building people and contributing to sustainable development.

In this regards Misr University for Science and Technology is keened to provide a distinguished educational service to its students to enable them to own the knowledge economy to advance their societies and achieve the university’s goals of preparing and qualifying them; It has actively sought to develop education in accordance with standards of quality and academic accreditation, as well as to provide distinguished services to the outside community; The university has sought, with serious steps, to develop education in accordance with quality standards and local and international academic accreditation.

To achieve this, the university was distinguished and was a pioneer in creating the position of Vice President for Quality and Accreditation Affairs to provide the qualitative conditions for the university’s basic system, which is education and learning on the one hand; The university also paid attention to the system that supports the educational process, which is the administrative system, by providing the necessary administrative and financial standards to support the educational process.

Strategic objectives

Sector Vision

Achieving excellence and leadership for Misr University for Science and Technology locally and globally in education, training, scientific research, and community service


Sector Mission

Ensuring high quality in all educational and administrative practices at the university meeting the needs of students, their future employers and the needs of the community in general is the main objective in accordance with quality standards and local and international academic accreditation.


Sector Strategic objectives

The Quality and Accreditation Sector aims to achieve the following objectives:

    1. Enhancing the culture of quality and quality procedures and mechanisms in the university’s operations inputs and outputs.
    2. Improving teaching and learning outcomes for students.
    3. Work to ensure the quality of academic programs and prepare them for local and international academic accreditation.
    4. Developing the administrative work to raise the efficiency of performance in the various administrative units of the university.
    5. Maximizing the use of technology to drive innovation and continually striving to improve resource management.
    6. Creating a comprehensive and effective system for self-evaluation and quality assurance.
    7. Develop a system for exchanging knowledge and information with experts and specialists in the field of quality, in addition to cooperating and coordinating with quality units, centers, bodies and organizations locally, regionally, and internationally.

Quality Documentation and Templates

Sector tasks

The Quality and Accreditation Sector undertakes the following tasks:

  1. Supervising the work of the entities related to the quality and academic accreditation sector at the university and regulating their work.
  2. Representing the university with the authorities related to the work entrusted with the quality and accreditation sector inside and outside Egypt.
  3. Disseminate the culture of quality and information related to academic evaluation and accreditation, scientifically and administratively.
  4. Organizing and following up the activities of the faculties and their scientific departments, centers, and departments in an effort to collect data and information related to their performance and future plans.
  5. Follow-up the continuous self-evaluation work to ensure the quality of the academic and administrative units and to provide advice and support to them to ensure an advanced academic and administrative work.
  6. Take appropriate and timely action on results.
  7. Work to establish scientific and professional relations between universities and other distinguished educational institutions to learn from the practices adopted by others.
  8. Supporting the process of training and qualifying faculty members and administrators to improve the educational and administrative process at the university and to ensure quality in it.
  9. To survey the opinions of students and graduates to develop performance considering quality standards and academic accreditation.
  10. Supervising the preparation of forms and programs specialized in conducting opinion polls and completing measurement and evaluation processes.
  11. Participate in preparing the long-term strategic plan in cooperation and coordination with the scientific and administrative components of the university to develop the learning and teaching process in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation, and constantly strive to update it according to the developments of higher education systems.
  12. Preparing annual reports on the university’s activities and performance outputs in everything related to quality and academic accreditation and in accordance with its standards