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Reduced Inequalities (SDG-10)


Reduced Inequalities

Equality needs to underpin every aspect of sustainability if the objectives of the SDGs are to be met. Although SDG 5 explores this through the prism of gender, SDG 10 takes a broader look at the intersectionality of disadvantage. This disadvantage can be felt through all of the other key issues raised by the SDGs – disadvantaged groups are both more likely to be unable to take advantage of progress and to suffer from the effects of climate change

SDG-10 Reports

10.6.1 Non-discriminatory admissions policy

10.6.2 Access to university track underrepresented groups applications

10.6.3 Access to university underrepresented groups recruit

10.6.4 Anti-discrimination policies

10.6.5 University diversity officer

10.6.6 Support for underrepresented groups

10.6.7 Accessible facilities

10.6.8 Disability support services

10.6.10 Disability accommodation policy