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info@must.edu.eg +202- 38247455 – 38247456 – 38247457 – 16878

MUST Junior Researchers Unit

Unit Vision

MUST junior researchers unit plans to be a professional environment and a platform for scientific research development that will equip its students/young researchers to visualize and achieve excellence in a dynamic and challenging academic community and increase the international scientific publishing that contributes to university ranking at the national and international levels using all the facilities and available resources to achieve the settled goals.

Unit Mission

MUST junior researchers unit aims to be a collaborative research-development center to train and prepare students/young researchers to succeed and achieve their scientific goals in accordance with MUST university general strategy to support scientific research and innovations aiming to build a culture of excellence and creativity; additionally, to help them assume responsibility and full ownership of their future careers and professional skills.


  1. Establish and implement a strategic communications plan
  2. Spread the culture of the scientific research ethical code and intellectual property
  3. Create a professional positive work environment to push the creativity to the peak
  4. Promote collaboration between different sectors of education
  5. Improve the quality of supervision and training
  6. Enhance university ranking at the national and international levels
  7. Increase the number of publications in high-impact scientific journals
  8. Support professional usage of new and modern technology platforms
  9. Make the most of the various available funding sources
  10. Attract and retain researchers and highly qualified personnel
  11. Develop the sense of belonging to the center
  12. Increase the critical mass of researchers in all the research axes and themes
Online Application form

The online application form for new recruitment will be open so soon and it will be published and announced in the MUST official website and official Facebook for MUST university.

Click Here To Fill in the Form

Eligibility criteria
  1. MUST teaching assistants
  2. MUST Students from different backgrounds

Applicants Evaluation Process

  1. 1st Evaluation Stage: After closing the Application form, the 1st stage of evaluation will start for 2 weeks according to the online form.
  2. 2nd Evaluation Stage: After the selected Applicants pass the 1st evaluation stage, the 2nd evaluation stage will start by asking the selected applicants to do within 2 weeks the required tasks that will be sent to them by email.
  3. Result announcement
  4. Team members Classified into sub-teams
  5. Starting the training course and divide the training course into three main domains:
    1. Medical, Health, and Life science
    2. Humanities, Political Science, and linguistics Science
    3. Engineering, Information technology, and Computer science