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info@must.edu.eg +202- 38247455 – 38247456 – 38247457 – 16878
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Dr. Reda Okasha

Head of Print and Electronic Journalism Department


He worked in journalism for about twenty-five years since graduating in 1981. He has been working at must University of Egypt since 2004. He teaches general courses and courses of the Journalism Department in specializations in communication theories, media legislation and press editing. He received the degree of assistant professor four years ago

He worked as a journalist and now works as an assistant professor at the Faculty of mass communication.


Graduated from the Department of Journalism, Faculty of Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University in 1981. He received a master’s degree in journalism and media in 1992. He received a doctorate in 2001.


He has authored and published eleven books since 2005 on journalistic dialogue, media influences, a study of media and political discourse, media and law, the editorial hall… and others. In addition to six refereed scientific researches starting in 2010