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MUST Research Center

About MUST Research Center

Research is one of the basic functions of the university. MUST commitment to research activities is emphasized in many ways. All academic programs strive to equip students with knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to enhance independent scholarly investigation.

College research in all disciplines is encouraged and constitutes an important criterion for new college recruitment as well as for promotion and tenure considerations.

In fact, several units of the University are devoted exclusively to research. These units are operated under the umbrella of the MUST Research Centre, which is composed of two major units:
The Environmental Research Unit

The Medical Research Unit 


MUST Research Centers

The Environmental Research Unit:
The Environmental Research Unit undertakes applied research in areas related to the industrial development problems of Egypt and particularly those of the 6th October community. Relying on the expertise of the members of different colleges, the center also provides constancy to local businesses and industries. The center is well equipped with highly specialized and advanced equipment in various research areas. It offers a team of the best researchers and university professors. It also has scientific contacts with various local and foreign research centers.

The main tasks of the unit are focused on the following:

– Quantitative and qualitative analysis of raw materials and products

– Solving environment pollution problems.

– Giving technical and scientific advice for factories and companies.

– Analyses of wastewater and its treatment.

– Research and development of the products for factories and companies.

The results comply with both the Egyptian and international standards such as ASTM, DIN, BS and ISO. The center has different types of equipment that have applications in different fields such as industrial products, chemical products, biochemical products, petrochemicals, petroleum, fuel products, physics pesticides, herbicides, medical science, and medical analysis.

The Medical Research Unit :
The Medical Research Unit is an integral part of the MUST Research Centre and is located at the University Hospital. The main goal of this facility is to provide state-of-the-art research, networking all academic departments and integrating them with the clinical facilities in the hospital. Moreover, an entrepreneurial approach was implemented networking the center with the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry in Egypt and worldwide.

The objectives and policy of the unit are :

– Providing a quality controlled and assured analytical pathology and cytogenetic services.

– Conducting research and development in the field of immune-diagnostic and pharmaceutics

– Scientific teams were established to conduct specific projects.

The main concept is to develop a body of knowledge and expertise within the university in order to permit the continued successful commercialization of intellectual property in the future.