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Italian Fellowship Graduation Ceremony 2021

Under the patronage of Mr. Khaled Al-Toukhi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hala El-Manoufy, Dean of the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery, Misr University for Science and Technology.

 The Graduation Ceremony of Italian Fellowship Students (Dental Implants – Laser – Botox and Dermal Fillers) was held in the presence of a group of dental leaders in Egypt headed by:

– David Scalmani, the Italian Cultural Counselor in Cairo.

– Prof. Dr. Khaled Abu Al-Fadl, Head of the Oral and Dental Medicine Sector Committee at the Supreme Council of Universities.

– Major General Doctor/ Walid El-Sisi, Chief Dentist of the Armed Forces.

Major General Doctor/ Amr El-Gendy, Director of the General Administration of Hospital Affairs in the Medical Services Sector, Ministry of Interior.

– Dr. Magdy Bayoumi, Deputy of the General Syndicate of Dentistry; – Dr. Walid Hassan, Head of the Cairo Dental Syndicate

The Italian Fellowships held, at Misr University for Science and Technology in cooperation with the Italian University of Genova, are among the best educational opportunities offered in the field of Dentistry in Egypt.

The fellowship also provides an Italian accredited certificate with the strongest practical training on patients for participants provided by the university that we are keen on diversifying to ensure maximum benefit for the participants. The university is also equipped with the latest equipment, techniques and tools for various fellowships.