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Participation of the Cultural Committee in the Muhammadiyah Night

Under the patronage of

Mr. Khaled El-Toukhy

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Prof. Hala El-Menoufy

Dean of the College of Oral and Dental Surgery

The Cultural Committee was appointed by the Dean of the College, Prof. Hala El Menoufy, to participate in the activities of the university celebration of the Muhammadiyah Night on the occasion of the Prophet Muhammed birthday, in which some of the university leaders, colleges, and the Heritage Center took part in the presence of a group of thinkers, preachers, singers, and talented students from the university various colleges, as well as employees and students.

The following were honored to attend this ceremony, representing the college:

1-Prof. Mohamed Fathi Farag, Chairman of the Cultural Committee

2- Dr. Hind Abu Al-Azm, Cultural Committee Member.

3- Dr. Mahienour Ezz El-Din, Faculty member of the General Biology Department

4- Dr. Sawsan Al-Shami, Faculty member of the General Biology Department

5- Mr. Ahmed Nasser, Assistant staff of the General Biology Department

6- Mr. Abdul Rahman Essam, Assistant staff of the General Biology Department

The ceremony began immediately after Ishaa prayer with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran delivered to the audience by the Imam of the University Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Rushdi, followed by a welcome speech to the guests and attendees of this honorable ceremony, delivered by Prof. Anas Attia Al-Fiqi, and as soon as he finished it, Prof. Abdul Hamid Madkour, Secretary of the Arabic Language Academy and Secretary-General of the Union of Arabic Language Academies in the Arab World, gave the audience a comprehensive speech about one of the attributes of the Master of Creation and all the Messengers, which is the attribute of forgiveness.

Then Sheikh Muhammadi Mamdouh, one of the most prominent vocalists on radio and television, gave a famous tawashih to Sheikh Taha Al-Fashni, may God have mercy on him, and he captivated the audience with his mastery, the sweetness of his voice, and his sober performance.

Then Prof. Al-Fiqi presented the great Islamic preacher and speaker of Alexandria, Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Abd Al-Ba’ith, who proves that Egypt is still full of its great men. This great preacher spoke about the philosophy of the Muhammadan message and its individual essence, which is compassion for every human being and indeed for everything, demonstrating this with definitive examples.

     Then there was another interlude of chanting which was delivered with much intonation and success by one of the young sheikhs of the University Mosque, Sheikh Bilal Saif.

    Then it was the turn of the university singing and choral team, which presented a group of performances led by artist Prof. Ahmed Adel Abdel Mawla, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation at the university, in which the representative of the Faculty of Oral and Dentistry, student Youssef Sanad, participated.

Then the professional religious chanting team presented an interlude of religious chanting specifically related to praising the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, and singing of his honorable virtues and attributes, and his complete prophetic virtues. They also sang an anthem entitled “You are Mighty, O Messenger of God,” with the words of Dr. Anas Al-Fiqi. One of the most beautiful nights of Muhammadiyah at the young Misr University of Science and Technology ended with a recitation of the Holy Qur’an performed by Sheikh Ibrahim Saber, one of the sheikhs of the university mosque.

Many Happy Returns for the Year