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Study in Egypt

Egypt is the home of undivine cultures and nationalities, it welcomes all regardless of race, gender, religion or ethnicity.

Egypt’s history and civilisation are unmatched and unsurpassed, its cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality make it a compelling destination for travellers with varied interests.

It has one of the seven wonders, beautiful coasts, and various tourism types such as 

  • Medical Tourism  Egypt exceeds the proportion of all mineral Sulfur springs in the world as it contains notable sulfur springs like the Cleopatra Spring and Bir Wahid in Siwa Oasis.
  • Religious Tourism: Egypt’s spiritual soul runs like an underground river. It is the centre for major religious civilisations, such as the Islamic, Coptic and Jewish civilisations.
  • Educational Tourism:

Studying abroad is one of its types. Millions of students choose to study in Egypt as it offers an enriching and transformative experience that broadens students’ horizons, contributes to gaining a global perspective, and develops valuable skills.

                    Why Study in Egypt?

Egypt has been the go-to destination in many fields, especially the educational sector, as it has numerous prestigious schools and universities. That’s why Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) opens its doors to all those seeking knowledge in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as it is very well-known for its warm, inclusive and diverse community.   

To all international students, here are several aspects to put into consideration when you study in Egypt and Specifically MUST:

  • Cultural Immersion: MUST fosters cross-cultural understanding and exchange between the different cultures within our MUSTIAN community.
  • Academic Excellence: We offer Top-notch educational services and superior academic and practical programs, as well as competent professors and teacher assistants in all fields of study.
  • Personal Growth and Independence: MUST enables foreign students to step out of their comfort zone, gain perspectives from new challenges, manage their finances, and adapt to new cultural norms.
  • Expanded Network: MUST Life is a fun environment, where students participate in activations, and events, as well as attend festivals and get-togethers which helps to expand their network and build new connections that last a lifetime.

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