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Your Health is Egypt’s Future

The Faculty of Nursing – Misr University for Science and Technology held a ceremony on Saturday, March 18th 2023 in collaboration with the University’s Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality Unit, in conjunction with International Women’s Day entitled

 “Your health is Egypt’s future.”

Under the patronage of

Chairman of The Board of Trustees

Mr. Khaled El-Toukhy

University President

Prof. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb

Vice-President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development

Prof. Sherif Refaat

Misr University of Science and Technology, represented by Prof. Neven Samir Abdul Jalil – Dean of the Faculty of Nursing honored Dr. Kawthar Mahmoud – Head of the Egyptian Nursing Syndicate and Senator, for being selected amongst the top 50 most influential people in Egypt for 2022. Dr. Kawthar Mahmood, spoke about the importance of the role of nursing in the health system, stressing that her honoring is a tribute to all nursing staff in all the governorates of Egypt

The celebration began with a video about the beginning of nursing and influential figures of women in the history of nursing.

Various awareness-raising topics about women’s health were also discussed.

 Prof. Iman Shukri – Head of Geriatric Department, spoke about the risks of early marriage of girls and families, giving the audience a presentation including detailed explanation and statistical data.

 Then Assistant Prof. Sahar Al Khashn – Head of the Department of Women’s Nursing and Obstetrics spoke about how to avoid early marriage and its causes by presenting and summoning real characters to talk about themselves and their experience with the early marriage.

Dr. Noor Fathalla, a certified nutritionist, gave a presentation on women’s modern malnutrition at different stages of life.

Assistant Prof. Huda Ismat Mahmoud, a lecturer in the Community Health Nursing Department, and some students presented a theatrical show entitled “Life is a lesson” It aims to emphasize the importance of education for women, acquire some skills and stimulate the acquisition of some skills

Assistant Prof. Wafa Osman, Head of Psychiatric Nursing and Public Health Department, presented the negative effects of bullying on girls’ mental health.

Several different women were honored from the Teaching Staff and Administrative staff of the University and the College of Nursing. The celebration was concluded by thanking the organizing committee of the Faculty of Nursing and members of the Equal Opportunities Unit, headed by Prof. Hala El-Menoufy – Dean of the college of Oral and Dental Surgery and Rapporteur of the Unit and Dr. Sarah Abdullah, Coordinator of the Unit, and all administrative team of the Unit.